Our Products

NAGARSA has constantly increased and been able to adapt to the new trends, thus delivering top-notch quality. Customer satisfaction is for us the most important need to meet.

Our long professional development in the sector has led us to reach a prestigious level that is difficult to encounter anywhere else in the market. Reliability, professionalism and quality are those values that have always characterised our company.

We lead our company in the new technologies to make quality our main goal. We only use top-quality materials during the injection process: e.g. TR with TPU effect / micro expanded TPU / TR no marked / TPU / etc.

We are specialists in manufacturing injected soles with ABS heels that can enhance the performances of the finished product and of the finishing image and quality.

Additionally we ensure rigorous controls to deliver flawless finished products.

Technology, quality, experience and an excellent customer service, are the features of our company.