Design and development in 3D technology

Our company designs all models with 3D technology. From the beginning, with the digitization of templates and break curves, to the subsequent creation of the model, the client can follow its development meticulously.

We use powerful design and rendering tools to obtain an excellent result. This method of work minimizes expenses and optimizes the creation of the piece, making changes or modifications during the creation without having to have the physical piece printed.

Even so, before printing the final piece of cast iron, we printed a flexible model in TPU material for review, and even for its functional test. Both flexible printing and final rigid printing, is made with the latest generation printers, ensuring a result of excellent quality and detail.

This technology is available to the client for their customized developments, strictly complying with the current regulations on security and data protection.

Keep in mind that if you have new developments, you can contact us, because in less than 48 hours we are able to print in 3D the sole you want. This prototype can be attached to the cut to make adjustments and fitting tests, long before sending to make the new mold.

Instead of 30 days of development according to the traditional method, with 3D it would have a development in a maximum of 15 days and the process is carried out entirely in Nagarsa to guarantee confidentiality.


  1. Your design idea converted into a Render (3D) file
  2. Validation of the 3D to print the prototype of the TPU filament sole.
  3. Sending the 3D sole for fit, fit for the shoe prototype.
  4. Confirmation of the prototype to start printing the resin model.
  5. Mold making.

The articles that are displayed on our site are mostly “render” 3D files, very real and accurate.

3D also allows for very fine textures and finishes that otherwise could not be made.

In summary, it is an investment that we choose to make to differentiate ourselves and work more efficiently, faster and with better quality.